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Pauline Wilson Testimonial

September 7th -14th Montcabirol


Another amazing week at Montcabirol, beautiful demonstrations of physical medium-ship with Tom, Kevin, Jo and John. We had two sittings with Tom in the cabinet, love filled the room bringing evidence of the afterlife to us all.


John Campbell Sloan spoke to us in independent voice giving guidance, evidence and answering questions of life in the spirit world.


Irene Simms came forward with her sense of humour. Trumpets whizzing, going through the roof and back. We could see this with the tabs. Heard her dance, clap and play the instruments, levitating the tables too. Answering questions and speaking of her past life, which touched our hearts.


Phil Starr came forward, it was great to hear him and Irene speak to each other in independent voice. This is the first year I have experienced this. I felt in awe, blown away, hearing them speaking to each other, as I would speak to my friends.


Tom, at one point sat for transfiguration in red light. This was again, very, very, special. Faces above him, around him and changing on him. It was so touching. I saw my mum, a few tears were shed by us all.


The last song played was “Imagine”. You could hear a man speak, he walk up in front of a few of us and sang in our faces. When the circle ended, Tom in the chair had been levitated from the cabinet and sat in the middle of the circle.


We had two healing circles with Kevin. This was just beautiful.


We each had a turn for healing. I was fortunate to be sitting across from Kevin, watching Spirit and Kevin work. I saw his hands disappear into my friends back. Afterwards she spoke of feeling hands within her very being.


Thank you.


The sun shone every day as we sat in the magical surroundings. Myself and Avril, Jacky and Sandra from Glasgow. Our hosts Tom, Kevin, Jo and James could not have been kinder or more giving. We also meet more of Kevin’s family, Mandy and Charlie, lovely.


Thanks to all for touching our hearts, making us feel at home and bringing us love and evidence from Spirit. Also for giving myself and Avril the opportunity of sitting in the cabinet to develop our medium-ship.


Good honest medium-ship is found at Montcabirol.


Pauline .


Healing energy with Avril and Pauline










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Tom and Kevin,are offering afterlife researchers and genuine seekers the opportunity to correspond, visit individually or to organize a group to stay in a dedicated healing sanctuary and experience physical mediumship for themselves.

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