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Physical Mediumship and Healing gatherings at Hameau Montcabirol

South West France.


From May to October we now offer four day events for up to ten people.

During your time with us you will get to witness “ genuine “ Physical Mediumship and Healing.

We and our guides also welcome developing mediums, we offer personal help and advice needed to get you on the right path.

If you are of a kind and considerate nature and would like to join us on one of these special events, then please get in touch. The cost is £250 per person, this includes accommodation, evening meal on arrival two sittings and group discussions. Healing with Kevin by donation.

Private readings also available from our excellent resident medium

Joanne Marie”

We do expect you to have some knowledge of what PM is.

Please take a look at some of the visitor reports or listen to the audio files on the Montcabirol web site to give you an idea of what to expect. Please understand that PM is not for “Entertainment purposes ”.

Physical Mediumship is of the body, Mental Mediumship is of the mind.


After almost thirty years of development we have now been given permission from our guides to allow the more serious researchers of a scientific mind to contact us.

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Testimonials from Jul 5 - 12 2015 Sittings 

Hello boys, hello Jo,


Back at home our heart is still filled with all those wonderful emotions, experiences of the stay in your wonderful house and surrounding.


To witness all the love, the voices of spirit and the healing (my knee is so much better) in the séance room, your friendship and humbleness had made a great impact on our lives.


Once more spirit convinced me to move on with the work and to spread the word out, that there is no death and no fear. That love is the only truth.


Thanks so much for all the wonderful opportunities we shared with you, the healing sessions, the Indian ceremony, the main séance and last but not least the fire at the medicine wheel.


And a big thank for all the questions that you’ve answered with patience. To hear the voices and the advice from spirit and to sit in these energies has been a wonderful experience Montcabirol is a wonderful astonishing place with wonderful spiritual energies and wonderful people.


A big hug from us and if you’ll come one day to Germany, you’re welcome ( all 3 of you + all the spirits)


Marko & Amara Yachour



I would like to thank you Tom, Kevin and Jo once more for those impressive days at Montcabirol, a wonderful place. Every session was unique, full of healing and filled with love. The energies from the healing ceremonies are still working until today.


With all my heart I wish you the very best.





Dear Kevin, Tom and Jo,


I thank you from the bottom of my heart for these wonderful days in your home.


It was amazing and exciting to experience all those different séances you’ve offered and to be part of this experience.

I have learned and experienced a lot.


You are all three wonderful people, living in a wonderful place.


With love Elke


Report Montcabirol 150621 – 150627

Experiences in a heaven on earth by Magnus Ossiansson, 12th of July 2015

To read Magnus's full report

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                 Healing energy with Avril and Pauline









What we Offer

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Tom and Kevin,are offering afterlife researchers and genuine seekers the opportunity to correspond, visit individually or to organize a group to stay in a dedicated healing sanctuary and experience physical mediumship for themselves.

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