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Our second consecutive visit to Montcaboril June 2014. We arrived on the 19

June for a two week visit with Tom and Kevin at their Spiritual Sanctuary

Montcaboril France. Tom is meeting us at Carcassonne airport where he is

picking up several people arriving from England. We are following in our hire

car for the one hour journey to the Hamlet; which consists of five beautifully

furnished self contained homes. all the apartments are situated around the pool

area set in lovely spacious well kept gardens. once again we are very lucky as

we have been allocated with the Poolhouse as it is aptly named sits within 6ft of

the swimming pool Our accommodation consists a very large and comfortable

open plan sitting kitchen and dining room with downstairs toilet two upstairs

bedrooms with connecting bath and shower room. The weather when we arrive

is gorgeous and sets the tone for the coming two weeks . Their are 16 people at

Montcaboril this first week.Serennella and 2 friends from Italy Pauline and

Avril from Ayrshire Brian and Heather from England. August Goforth and

Shannon Taggart from New York and Myself Jackie Sandra and Irene from

Glasgow with Jo Tom and Kevin a Really Friendly Lively Bunch. We are all

invited to the Séance Room on our first night and as Tom goes into Trance John

Sloan the controlling guide comes Through and welcomes us all he tells us we

are going to have a Spectacular week; He speaks with all of us individually, The

love and energy felt by in the room is wonderful and afterwords we all gather

around the pool area where Tom has provided an excellent welcome meal for all

of us , This is an amazing feat in itself as Tom has a broken foot and is on

crutches. Next day our first séance is incredible we are all sitting in a semi

circle around the cabinet and as Tom goes into Trance Mr Sloan comes through

and speaks with us, We all experience some amazing Physical Phenomena

tables drums trumpets and various objects are flying around the room at great

speed and height, you can feel the presence of spirit walking around and even

touching some of the sitters, I wish I could explain the feelings and emotions

that were felt that night but it is an experience that needs to be witnessed words

can not do it justice, There followed a period of transfiguration which is

something else altogether the spirit faces are coming through Tom changing

rapidly some times you can see three or four faces appear at once on the top of

his head and sides of his face it really was amazing; at the end of the séance the

cabinet curtain was open and Tom is sitting in his chair which has been lifted

from the cabinet and placed about five feet into the room Our other two sittings

were just as incredible as the first, we had visits from various spirit guides Phil

Starr and Irene Simm's came through Irene is a very mischievous spirit girl who

loves to dance we could see her shoes dancing all around the room and her feet

tapping on the floor. I must say that all of the sitters have to remove their shoes

before entering the séance room so to hear Irenes shoes tapping to the music on

the floor is wonderful. We had a terrific first week having meals around the

pool and going out to a restaurant for a lovely meal and night out. At the end of

the week we said goodbye to some lovely spiritual people and as we were

staying on for a leisurely holiday break On our second week the four of us were

privileged to sit with Tom and Kevin four times for the benefit of our own

circles physical development. I lead our circle with sitters Jackie Irene and

Sandra the medium. Sandra sat in the cabinet three times, sitting for

transfiguration on two of those occasions . We are so honoured that Tom and

Kevin allowed us this privilege and we thank Tom and Kevin for sitting with us

and giving us direction. On one of our sittings a large heavy wooden table had

been levitated and brought from the corner of the room and placed about a foot

from the cabinet to say we were amazed would be an understatement. On our

last night we were invited to sit with Tom and Kevin for the Indian dance as

always when entering the séance room we removed our shoes The native

American music is playing and the floor is positively jumping as the Indians

dance all around us The drums and rattles are being played and are levitating all

around the room whistles are being played and we can feel wind blowing

forcefully around the six of us, once again at the end of this wonderful night

Tom and his heavy chair are out of the cabinet and a large buffalo hide is laying

out in the centre of the room, We can't thank Tom and Kevin enough for

allowing us to experience this amazing spiritual phenomena its an experience

no true spiritual medium should miss We thank you both for the spiritual

knowledge and guidance you have given to our circle over the last year

Montcabirol will always have a special place in our hearts LOVE FROM THE




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